2 Extra Classes*

*Terms and conditions apply


Receive a limited edition tablet sleeve when you enrol in KUMON CONNECT

English Mathematics Chinese


2 Extra Classes*

*Terms and conditions apply


Receive a limited edition tablet sleeve when you enrol in KUMON CONNECT


English Mathematics Chinese

How Kumon Helps Your Child Prepare For Success From The Early Years

Self-learning helps
students to become more
proactive learners

Kumon students are
able to learn new materials

Students who can
pursue their potential


A New Way
of Learning


Self-learning helps students to become more proactive learners

At Kumon, we place great value on the ability to study independently and encourage students to discover how to solve problems for themselves without asking for the answer.

Through doing exercises on their own, students gain confidence in their studies and develop the desire to advance further. Our Kumon Instructors do not teach students in a uniform manner. Instead, students are guided with hints and examples on our worksheets to attempt questions independently.

Through this process, our students feel a sense of achievement, motivating them to keep progressing to more advanced topics and concepts. Should students feel any particular area challenging or take a longer time to complete their studies, they review their learning to help them master the content and move on to the next step.


How are Kumon students able to learn new material independently?

Kumon Worksheets are constructed in a manner that enables students to learn and progress in small steps from easy to more challenging material.

Explanations and examples are included with new exercises in the introductory sections to enable students to do the worksheets independently and advance to higher levels of study without difficulty.

Our Instructors place great importance on students developing the ability to understand the concepts at hand and find the solutions to problems on their own. Students are not given quick answers when they approach the Instructors with questions. Instead, they are carefully guided in a way that enables them to comprehend the learning focus and solve problems by themselves.


Students who can pursue their potential independently

We believe it is essential for children to study content beyond their current education level as soon as possible. Helping students advance toward a higher school level of study while still in preschool, primary or secondary school is an important goal.

By advancing beyond their education level, our students greatly develop their academic ability, influencing how they approach their future studies. This gives students more confidence and encourages them to pursue their full potential.

Equipped with the ability to study proactively, Kumon students are better prepared for success as they strive toward their goals and aspirations with their newfound learning abilities.


With KUMON CONNECT, students can now easily access and submit their Kumon worksheets with their tablets anytime, anywhere. Students can learn at home, at the centre, or even on the go with the help of timely hints.

Kumon Instructors will review their students' completed worksheets and learning processes to support their study individually by assigning worksheets suitable to their individual ability levels and providing personalised guidance geared to each of them.

Students can retrieve real-time updates instantly, which helps close their opportunity gaps and further optimise their learning potential. Parents can stay up to date with their child’s study progression and check the valuable insights from Kumon instructors on their learning conditions in class and at home.

The goal of the Kumon Method remains the same. Every student advances at an incremental pace without any learning gaps in their study.

Available at:

  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 - Teck Ghee
  • Bedok North St 2
  • Bedok Reservoir (next to Sheng Siong Supermarket)
  • Balestier Road
  • Bukit Batok Central
  • Bukit Merah Central (above Bukit Merah Central Food Centre)
  • Choa Chu Kang (Limbang Shopping Centre)
  • Clementi Ave 2
  • Coronation Shopping Plaza
  • Edgefield Plains (near Oasis Primary school)
  • Farrer Park - City Square
  • Great World
  • HarbourFront
  • Holland - Ulu Pandan
  • Hougang Central (The Midtown)
  • Jurong West Ave 1
  • Jurong West Central 3 (Frontier CC)
  • Jurong West St 93
  • Kaki Bukit - Bedok Reservoir Road
  • Kallang - Stadium Walk (Leisure Park Kallang)
  • Kovan - Upper Serangoon Road
  • Orchard - Cuscaden Road (Forum The Shopping Mall)
  • Parkway (Parkway Centre)
  • Pasir Ris Central (Pasir Ris Sports Centre)
  • Punggol Plaza
  • Queensway - Alexandra Road (Alexandra Central Mall)
  • River Valley - Nathan Road
  • Sengkang - Anchorvale
  • Sengkang - Fernvale Link
  • Sengkang - Rivervale Cresent
  • Siglap (Siglap Centre)
  • Singapore Japanese (TripleOne Somerset)
  • Tampines Central 1
  • Tiong Bahru - Bukit Ho Swee
  • West Coast Plaza
  • Woods Square (Woods Square (Solo 2))
  • Yishun - Chong Pang

How Does Your Child Benefit from Kumon?

Achieve Academic


At the heart of the Kumon Method is self-learning: we encourage students to read the constantly evolving small-step worksheets, think, and do the exercises independently. We do not spoon-feed students problem-solving methods. Instead, we focus on guiding students to complete exercises on their own so that they enjoy a sense of achievement, are able to master new material independently and constantly push themselves to improve continually.

Develop Strong
Foundational Skills


Our focus on numeracy and linguistics ensures students develop a solid foundation to achieve excellence in both Primary and Secondary School. We identify, build and enhance the key skills that students need to become fluent readers and junior Mathematicians, giving them a core of confidence and a lifetime of good study habits that they can draw on as they advance in levels.

Develop A Passion
For Learning


Beyond academic success, a natural outcome of the Kumon Method is a solid base for the steep learning curves that come with life. By allowing them to make the choices that support their learning, strengths, and success, your child will develop the confidence to think, do and learn more. This way, he/she develops positive learning and a can-do attitude, turning learning into pleasure and joy.

Our Programmes

Each Kumon student's learning journey is individually determined by his/her ability. From preschool to primary school and beyond, the Kumon worksheets will help your child advance incrementally and significantly beyond his/her school grade.


Maths Programme


Maths requires an accumulation of knowledge through practice. While enhancing their calculation skills, students also cultivate their mathematical analysis and logical thinking abilities, which will be indispensable in their lives, now and in the future. This sets the groundwork for solving the problems they will face in life.

  • Develop mental calculation and reasoning skills

  • Improve students' problem-solving abilities

  • Prepare students for advanced mathematics


Language Programmes


Besides improving students' reading comprehension skills, we aim to nurture an interest in reading - widely and confidently. This leads them to expand their minds, igniting their curiosity to read beyond the lines, think critically, make connections and come to their conclusions - the key to expanding their knowledge and understanding of the world.

  • Develop reading skills and reading habits

  • Improve reading comprehension and critical reading skills

  • Enrich and expand students' vocabulary

The Breakthrough Learning Method Empowering Over 3.5 Million Students In More Than 60 Countries and Regions

"Kumon has helped me manage my time better. The English programme has improved my sentence forming skills, which further assisted me in completing my schoolwork."

- Sanjana.V (Primary 2)

"Divjot's comprehension ability has increased dramatically. Her reading ability and comprehension skills developed through the English Programme has worked very well with the Maths Programme. It's evident in Divjot's ability to take on word problems in school. Also, Divjot became good at expressing herself from the exposure to complex words in the programme."

- Ms Gurjeet, mother of Divjot.K (Primary 1)

"Elizabeth and Eva found that learning ahead of their school grade not only helped them to get their schoolwork done quickly and accurately, but also enabled them to help their friends with work in school."

- Ms Tan, mother of twin sisters, Elizabeth & Eva (Primary 1)

"Kumon has helped in encouraging Nithil and boosted his confidence. His school teacher has given feedback that he is now very good in articulating his thoughts and less socially anxious. He has been interacting more with his classmates too."

- Ms Kowsalya, mother of Nithil (K2)

"She has become a confident child with a strong desire to learn. Whenever I see that glow on her face, I reckon she knows that she will be learning something new in class. Having a solid academic foundation will help her in her primary school studies."

- Mr Dennis Wong, father of Xi En (K1)

Find a Kumon Centre Near You


      Our monthly fee per subject programme is $170.
      *There is a one-time registration fee of $50 payable upon enrolment

      Kumon students range from preschoolers to secondary school students. We currently have students as young as three years old studying with us and we help children of any age and ability reach their academic goals. However, we recommend that you enquire first to see if your ideal centre can accept young children.

      With the Kumon Method, students start at the level where they can attain a perfect score studying on their own. This fosters a joy for learning, and instils good study habits.

      Gradually students begin to study topics they have not previously learned. Through Kumon, students will be able to advance beyond school grade level independently. This develops their analytical ability, develops perseverance and fosters confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

      Eventually, students study far beyond school grade level independently. They will excel in their other subjects as well because they have confidence and are applying the self-learning skills developed through Kumon.

      Yes. The Kumon Method is an individualised learning method that supplements the Singapore education system.

      For the Kumon Maths Programme, the study goal is the self-study of senior high school mathematics with ease. It focuses on the development of strong calculation skills and, by excluding all unrelated concepts which may be covered in school, aim to allow students to advance as quickly as possible on their own to senior high school mathematics.

      The study goal for the Kumon language programmes is to achieve advanced reading comprehension skills and the ability to read widely.

      Kumon is an independent self-study curriculum. By studying at a level that is appropriate to the child's ability, the child will be able to advance beyond his or her school grade level without being specifically taught.

      Self-learning means that students study worksheets and correct their own mistakes independently. The worksheets have been designed in a way to allow students to figure out how to solve problems on their own. Examples and explanations are clearly provided when moving on to new topics, encouraging students to self-learn and advance independently.

      Instructors observe how each student studies, plans and assigns worksheets and motivates the student. When students encounter difficulties, the Instructor assists the students by giving subtle hints so that they will be encouraged to progress and take on further challenges.

      Kumon will help your child improve his or her school grade through the academic knowledge and work skills gained through studying topics beyond school grade level.

      We're not the world's leading enrichment programme for academic success for nothing. We have successfully empowered more than 4 million students enrolled in over 24,700 Kumon Centres in 50 countries. Read what our students have to say here.

      Kumon's individualised instruction differs from one-on-one tutoring services that provide "quick fix" short-term boosts in performance. If your child is a bit behind his/her peers, our short-term goal is to reach grade-level competency within twelve months.

      Through Kumon, your child is able to develop reading comprehension ability, strong calculation ability and analytical ability which are the essential abilities in order to solve problem sums.

      Behind every successful student is a supportive parent and your child should be able to complete their daily homework independently as each worksheet builds on skills they will have developed at the previous level.

      Students attend classes in their Kumon centre twice a week for about 30 - 45 minutes per session, per subject. In a month, students attend up to eight classes. For every non-class day in a month, students are given worksheets to do at home so as to develop daily study habits.

      KUMON CONNECT is a new digital learning platform that brings about accessibility and convenience to students, Instructors and parents. It brings the same individualised study plan and small-steps worksheets, onto your tablet devices. You can learn at home, on the go, anytime, anywhere with KUMON CONNECT.

      Terms & Conditions

      1. Attendance for Parent Orientation is mandatory and only available on an appointment basis.
      2. Register for Parent Orientation between 20 May to 5 June 2024.
      3. 2 extra classes to be held by 31 July 2024.
      4. Registration fee of $50 and class fee payable upon enrolment.
      5. KUMON CONNECT available at selected centres only.
      6. Tablet sleeve will be ready for collection in centre from 31 July 2024.
      7. No offset of extra classes with monthly fees.